What is the best time to start a biz?

The best time to start a business is now, but what if I am not ready yet, I hear you say, but I haven’t chosen a name yet, or gone to the bank for a business account yet, and I haven’t thought about what I am going to do or sell, I don’t know who my target market is and I haven’t learnt how to do Facebook marketing yet, so I really can’t start as no one will know me.

Wow I know how you are feeling, a business is like a baby, if you wait until you are totally ready, you will never get started and one day it may be too late.

No matter how many books you read, how many classes you go to, however many times you practice the first time you are going to get covered in poop, I mean with the baby alright, but still with the business, it’s the same, you can practice and over-prepare but somewhere down the line you are going to get crapped on, by a client, a wholesaler, the bank or business partner something will turn to shit and you will need to face it head-on.

“Entrepreneurs jump off a cliff and build parachutes on their way down” – Reid Hoffman

When we started our business it all started with love, no seriously, it started with I LOVE YOU, that’s how we named our book writing company. 831 Designs eight letters, three words one meaning. We would write on the back of homemade cards to each other 831 designs, our business grew from nowhere, we would create books for ourselves using self-publishing and fix all the issues to do with traditional publishers that we did not like. Then we had friends say, I need help with a book, can you do this for me, we knew a few things that could help, we were just being helpful and started creating their book, another friend we helped, then we had a call from someone, saying such a such recommended you to me saying you can help me with my book. We chatted and were happy and said, who do I make the check out to. Uh, um uh 831 Designs sprang to mind. So that’s how we started 3 years down the line, learning, growing and improving we became Books Boost Business, as that’s the kind of books we specialise in, that’s the type of books we can help with. 

“Everyone can be their own boss.”

We still have that passion to help, to give back an to make an impact. Getting more defined in what we do has helped us to help more. I often Refer to us as the person throwing the stone into the Lake. We help the author become the best possible version of themselves. We throw the stone into the Lake they ripple and impact thousands, by us helping the few to be excellent, they in turn help and impact many.

A business is an ever-growing thing, if you spend too much time trying to perfect it at the beginning you will never get it launched. We say to some of our authors, the ones who will procrastinate for months at a time, with cover designs and chapter titles and headshots for the back of the book. “You do not get paid for perfect, you get paid for published” Once your book is out there, making money, making an impact and getting feedback from your readers, then you can do a revised copy, tweak the stories to make it relevant to your readers, improve the activities for the reader to take action, add in some extra chapters, a foreword from an influencer, then you can have your perfect book, perfect for your reader because they have had a chance to see it to give you that all-important feedback.

Instead of blurting out 831 Designs when asked who we should make the check out to, we could have said, oh we are not ready, we haven’t got a name, were not really a business. Three things would have happened, one, the gent would not have got his book out and be making the difference that he is today, two, we may never of got started and three we would not have had the feedback and experience to change the things we have learnt along the way.

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Good luck my friend, good luck.