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Out of Print? How to Re-edit and republish your old book!

I imagine we all have a neighbour like my friend Thomas. He’s retired from his private coaching business and is now enjoying his free time devoted to his wide range of interests. When he found out I was in the self-publishing business, he made a special point of inviting me to his home. He hustled me directly into his book-crammed private study, there were a dozen books with the same exact spine. I pulled one out and discovered Thomas was a published author!

Here’s what prompted his invitation: Thomas wanted to get his book back out into the marketplace. That’s a wonderful idea, but there were some obstacles to overcome. While Thomas had the publishing rights returned to him from the now-defunct publishing house, the book had been out of print for a long time. He didn’t have any other materials—paper manuscripts. Digital files wouldn’t have even been invented for a decade after the original publish date. The only material left were these old books.

Not to worry. Luckily for Thomas and thousands of other authors, Books Boost Business has a solution: Transformational book scanning. We are able to scan the contents of your old books and breathe new life into your literary work. We’ll scan your book’s pages to ensure precision throughout the book-scanning process. Turn this into an editable text, add any changes that you may want and include any images so that you can use this new copy to republish your work as a new custom-printed book.

The plus side? It’s called “Transformational book scanning” for that reason, and that’s because the original book will be, well, saved in the process. And because it’s an editable file, you’re able to do all kinds of editing to the scanned file. There is no need to sacrifice a perfectly old book so that many more new hardcover and softcover copies can live on into the future. Let’s keep them all.
So pass the good word along to the authors you know who, like Thomas, are ready to republish their books and are ready for a new life!

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